"Forex trading could be your key to financial freedom if you could consistently earn pips and at the same time realising the power of compounding".- Harwin Poon


The Beginning

Welcome to my blog site. I'm Harwin Pun, co-founder of True North Concepts and the official forex trader for PMTFC.

Fascinated with the correlation hedge strategy Mike A. presented to me, I did a further studies and some intense research and I came up with my own hedge startegy that suited my temperament.

The intention of this journal is to documents all my significant entries and exits. I figured it will forced me to trade much more selectively and with discipline. I will also share some personal insight on current market situation as it comes.

I will manage 2 accounts at the same time. One trading with FR strategy (PMTFC) and the other with the help of True North's hedge calculator (TN). To those of you who are not familiar with True North Concepts, you can check this site www.freewebs.com/truenorthfx/.

All the trades that I will take will be based on 1 Hour to daily timeframe, with 2 timeframe Stochastic Oscillator, CCI 14 period, ADX 14 indicators, Fibonacci levels, Daily ATR, 72 EMA and some trendlines and channel. I will only focus on the EUR/CHF pair, since it will be my gauge for the EUR/USD, USD/CHF hedge trades.


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