"Forex trading could be your key to financial freedom if you could consistently earn pips and at the same time realising the power of compounding".- Harwin Poon



EUR/USD just only ranged 32 pips yesterday and USD/CHF ranged 48 pips. A very low volatility day.

Unfortunately, PMTFC trade didn't went as planned. It EUR/CHF price just dropped to 32% of fibo, did not reach my exit target of 50% fib level. So, I used to plan B approach instead (Go long 4% margin if candle closed above the upper trendline). The gain swap from long hedge positions offset the deducted swap rate of short hedge positions.

What I'm gonna do is stick to the plan. If EUR/CHF dip lower to the entry price of short positions, I'll close the short for profit and wait for the right entry to get it for the second long (buy) hedge position. It is experiencing a small correction right now after hitting a higher timeframe trendline.

Short Term bearish and bullish bias is still intact for long term.

As for the True North (TN) account which started 1 week earlier than PMTFC's. I closed it with only $50 profit. And wait for the next entry.