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EUR/CHF, EUR/USD & GBP/USD Analysis for Monday

EUR/CHF- Might find a way to touch 61.8 fib of the previous up swing. 1.6422 to 1.6400 before a possible nice rebound.

1,6505 - 1,6560
1,6470 - 1,6450

EUR/USD- Just bounce off a major trendline. an uptrend supported by 1hr Stoch and CCI. The volatility is high. A parallel channel can be drawn to form a trend. My trend indicator 4hr and daily is in a bullish configuration. The price should continue to consolidate with bias to the upside. The price might continue to move in 1,4660 - 1,4730 range. I won't take a position. The risk/reward ratio is too high to take a position.

1,4730 - 1,4750
1,4670 - 1,4615

GBP/USD- Just fomed a pin bar 3hrs before the market close of last week. Trend bias is bull on higher TimeFrames. 1hr Stoch and CCI crossed significant levels up.

Trade suggestion: Open a long position as soon as the market open, set TP at 38.2 fib and 2nd TP at 50 fib of the last swing down. That's 2.0977 and 2.1009. SL at 2.0800. Adjust SL to breakeven if price passed 2.0940. Trail stop the 2nd position if you want. Trade at your own risk.

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