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Yen Carry Trade: Going Strong or Coming to an End

Yesterday, the Financial Times ran two stories on the Japanese carry trade, painting a seemingly contradictory picture. The first article profiled the rise in the number of retail forex accounts in Japan, projected to reach 1 million by year-end. More amazing is the fact that many of these traders are actually quite sophisticated, taking long and short positions in multiple currencies, though of course the most popular bet remains the carry trade, which involves going short the Yen and long a higher-yielding currency. Meanwhile, as the second article expounded, the Yen carry trade is under pressure, having appreciated nearly 5% against the US Dollar, Euro and Australian Dollar. The cause is certainly volatility in global capital markets, precipitated by what has been termed a "credit crunch," itself caused by the slump in housing prices. The hoard of Japanese retail investors may have to reverse their positions...

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