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1.9.08 Multi-Pairs Analysis

EURO (eur/usd)
Bullish above 1.4594, rising support coming in at 1.4386. and resistance at 1.4830 (friday's high). Look for a buy opportunity on a dip.

Support: 1.4594 (trendline support), 1.4520, 1.4386 (ky rising support).
Resistance: 1.4830, 1.4880

Cable (gbp/usd)
Resistance at 1.9886 and support at 1.9650. The pivot 1.9652 has been support point on several occassions and I think we will either see a run higher or a breakdown over the next 2 days to decide where we are heading next. Still bearish on the sentiment as long as falling resistance line hold at 2.0060. Have another falling resistance at 2.0138.

Support: 1.9700, 1.9652 (August key low)
Resistance: 1.9886 (falling resistance), 2.000 (phychological level), 2.0072 (former rising support from 1.86 area), 2.0060 (falling resistance, 2.0138 (falling resistance), 2.0503 (key level)

Swissy (usd/chf)
Bearish outlook below 1.1200

Support: 1.1100, 1.1074, 1.0950
Resistance: 1.1205 (previous support level), 1.1350 (previous support), 1.1630 (previous support), 1.1538 and 1.1631 (falling key resistance)

Nippy (usd/jpy)
Bearish below 110.00 level and any approach looks like a decent sell. 108.00 is the downside key support.

Support: 109.02 (previous falling resistance), 108.70, 108.00 (key level), 107.20
Resistance: 110.00, 110.70, 112.80 (key support) 114.60 (key level), 114.73 (high of Nov. '07)

Loonie (usd/cad)
Key rising support at 0.9876 and key support at 0.9703 (any approach towards this level should provide a decent buy set up). Falling resistance coming in at 1.0103 that should hold on the first test.

Support: 0.9876 (rising support from low) 0.9703 (1 month low)
Resistance: 1.0103 (key level, overhead resistance), 1.0330 (overhead resistance)

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