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Volatility Drives Yen

As Asian capital markets crash in unison, the Japanese Yen is rising at its fastest pace in years. Taken out of context, that sounds like a contradiction, since a positive correlation typically obtains between the strength of a nation's economy, capital markets, and currency. However, the Yen is unique, as most forex traders are doubtlessly aware. The Yen rises and falls with the whims of the carry trade, which in turn is tied closely to volatility. And in case you haven't noticed, global capital markets are seesawing to such an extent that by some measures, volatility levels have reached a nine-year high. One analyst has drawn a parallel between the current credit crisis and the 1998 Asian economic crisis, which also produced a Yen rally.

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Asian, European, and American stocks has dropped in 2 consecutive days. And its not just an ordinary drop. It is reported that Dow Jones reaches its lowest low of/since 1991.

EUR/CHF plunged 891pips since Oct. 11 last year. Surpassed the record low of Aug. 2001 with 868pips. Again, please stay out of the correlation hedge for now. Wait for things get back to normal.


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