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Bernanke Hints Rate Cuts

In testifying before the Senate Budget Committee, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of America's Federal Reserve Bank, hinted strongly that further rate cuts would be necessary to stabilize the US economy. Last week, the Forex Blog covered an editorial which suggested that Bernanke knew something about the state of the economy that the American public did not, which his testimony seemed to confirm. Bernanke testified that the Fed is also committed to fighting inflation, but the emphasis was clearly on spurring economic growth. As a result, futures markets are pricing in a rate cut of 50 basis points, projected for the next month. The forex markets were unambiguous about the implications of this development for the Dollar.

Fed cutting rates doesn't mean USD will recover in near term. But the long term effect of it will benefits those carry pairs that rely much on overnight interest rate earnings, it will benefit those hedging correlated pairs, trading strategies that are sensitive to stock prices and yields. Cutting rates will present some nice long term opportunities. I'm not saying that global crisis is over, but it is looking like daylight may be ahead.


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