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Fed Lowers Rates...Again

Last January 30, the Federal Reserve Bank lowered interest rates for the second time in as many weeks, bringing its benchmark federal funds rate down to 3.00%. The Fed has now lowered rates by 2.25% since August. The move came as a relief to investors, who now see that the Fed is serious about preventing the economy from slipping into a full-scale recession.

However, it remains to be seen whether the rate cuts will provide the necessary boost to the economy or instead prove too little too late. As far as the Dollar is concerned, the rate cuts carry two (conflicting) implications. On the one hand, the economy and stock market could rally, which would likely be matched by a Dollar rally. On the other hand, the interest rate differential between the US and EU is now a 1% and risk-averse investors hungry for yield will be hard-pressed to justify shifting capital to the US.


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