"Forex trading could be your key to financial freedom if you could consistently earn pips and at the same time realising the power of compounding".- Harwin Poon


Personal notes

My personal notes to Norman a.k.a. gr8collector. You know buddy, it's hard to explain to a person with deaf ear or pretending to be blind. I have already explained the situation. Please don't throw punches on every opportunities you can get and cause extreme damage and prejudice to me out of sheer hatred and spite.

It's hard for someone with such a deep alliance to his own trading strategy (more like a religion!) to even consider alternative views. Perhaps they think they are being unfaithful if they do.

And with regards to the "mental stop loss" on my directional trading. We all know that MT4 platform is code programmed. It is easy for a retail broker to set some algorithm to let the price repel from a TP and attract to SL. That theory has been discussed a lot in some forum sites. And it is also the reason why some EA coder code their EAs to hide stop loss from the brokers. Though there's no concrete evidence to that theory (kaya nga theory), its pays to be vigilant. ....and its not 80% risked on a single position, check back the statement.

I'm not saying you're wrong and I'm right. We are just looking at the same object in a different angle. Your way of trading might be good for a specific period but not all the time, so are mine.