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5 to 5

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Same chart as my last post, EUR/CHF 4h zoom out to get a clear view of the channel.

July 20- Right after the market cut-off time (5pm EST), I predict that EUR/CHF is already at its tipping point. And yes indeed, after 3 attemps of crossing the upside, price exhausted and made a sharp drop exactly to the lower channel. And bounce up and down from there 'til the market close of the week (5pm EST).

On 4h chart. The lower channel is also where in confluence with the middle BB (bollinger band), the middle bb which most of the traders ignore is where price usually make a bounce. It is also a few pips near 38.2 fib of a previous major swing.

On 1h chart. It touch the 72EMA and lower ATR, supported by Stoch and CCI indicators curved up from oversold zone.

On monday, I don't know yet where it will go. Probably will make a small retrace up before heading down. If the lower channel or 38.2 fib is breached, the first target is 1.6550 and follow by the round number 1.6500. On the other hand, if it make a full reverse pass the middle channel again, the upper channel will be the TP. Let the indicators guide you.

Another great week for PMTFC and TN account. Happy weekend everyone.