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7.11 Perfect Candidate

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9:03pm EST- Descending Channel formed on EUR/CHF pair 1h chart.

- Stoch crossed above 20 level; CCI crossed above -100 level.
- Right at 61.8 strong fibo level.
- Inverted hammer formed (1) followed by a pin bar (2).
- Broke above upper channel.
- ADX bear is losing its momentum.

All that mentioned above makes a perfect candidate for a reverse to the upside. But I might be wrong... I still want to see it dip to the 1.6500 before it make a U-turn. Reversing at the current price level seems a bit awkward to me. hmmm... probably that might just make a small retrace to the 72EMA purple line. I opened a 3% risk buy hedge at this level... just in case...

Long term trend is still down, so be careful when hedging both long (buy) positions.


The long hedge positions I opened yesterday, I closed it at profit a few hour ago. Then, I scalped the down move. Long at 1.6536 (A); closed at 1.6574 (B), then long again at 1.6523 (C); closed at 1.6543.

Yesterday trades was/has the best results for PMTFC account since the cycle 2 started 5 weeks ago.