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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and also the last day of the trading week. For those directional traders who has paraskavedekatriaphobia, their heightened state of anxiety or fear could have save them from the whipsaw that happened to the majors earlier. It has some advatages being superstitious sometimes, it makes you more caution of things that happening around you.

We had 2 economic news announcement earlier. The Retail Sales (8:30am) and the Consumer Sentiment (10:00am). The 8:30 numbers came out way lower than expected and the 10:00 numbers which is the more important one (for inflation gauge) came out far better than expected. This 2 contradict announcement causes the whipsaw. I bet a lot of small players trading the directional ways with tight stoploss got stopped out on that.

This is the reason why I don't trade the news and hedge the market instead. To know more about the tools I'm using. You may contact/email me at harwin21@yahoo.com. I can set you up with my friend (MikeQC) who is an active sales rep for FreedomRocks. He'll walk you through the process and give you a free trial for the FR software.

For the other tool that I'm using. Which is the True North Hedge Calc., You may just click the yellow banner on the sidetab of this page.

EUR/CHF ended the week with only 7pips below the opening price of this week (1.6594). There were lots of buy & sell hedge opportunities on the small range bounce. I had a great trading week, hope you guys aswhile. Happy weekends everyone!