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Do Trading Systems Really Works?

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The answer may surprise you.

As I have met with and spoken to couple of traders this year, many have asked if my and other Forex Trading Systems really work.

Before we get into that, let's first establish what a system is. Someone once told me that a system can be summarized in a powerful acronym as:

S ave
Y ourself
S tress
T ime
E energy
M oney

Think about it... Saving Yourself Stress, Time, Energy, and Money sounds great, right?

The definition of system at dictionary.com says, "A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole"

So let me ask you a couple of questions:

What systems if any do you currently use to decide when to get into and out of a trade? And where, or if, to include stop-losses and/or profit targets?

How about your system for money management?

What about your system for optimizing your trading mindset?

Are you systems working for you? Are you getting the results you want?

You may notice that there is room for improvement in those areas.

One thing's for sure. Without the right trading systems in place, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve consistent success. This leads to the next question I hear frequently:

So which or whose Forex trading system works best?

The answer to that is very similar to me being asked which time management system works best. Meaning...

The best system for time management and Forex trading is dependant upon you, your habits, and what you feel most comfortable working with and sticking with.

Analogy of two people who have time management systems:

1. One person swears by a Franklin-Covey Day Planner and feels that anyone using anything else must be a fool.

2. The other person uses a Treo 650 PDA and feels that anyone not using a Treo for their time management is a fool.

The true answer is that as long as it produces the desired result for the person and they are comfortable in using it and committed to using it, both are using the best system for them.

Same holds true for you and your Forex trading business.

You'll hear people talking about how great their system or product is and how great that other system or product is...


And that is to find the system that works best for you, feels right for you, that you know you can remain committed to following, and you are able to produce the results you desire from it.

Because here's the truth about ANY system... and the answer to the question posed to me at the title of this post:

Systems will only work for you IF and only IF the system is a fit for you and you work the system...religiously!

As I'm writing this I glanced over to my bookshelf and see a glaring example of this in action in a book by Bill Phillips called "Body For Life".

No one with their before and after picture results shown on the cover and inside of that book were half-committed to that system... or were just going to give it a try. They were fully and whole heartedly committed to start, continue and complete that system... and the results show that very clearly.

Sad fact is that millions of others started with just as much fire and determination as the ones seen on the book, but there's one difference between them and the ones on the cover...they didn't fully and completely follow the system.

Back to Forex Trading...

For instance many of our clients went from having systems that were getting them nowhere but stressed out and broke prior to meeting me. They were ready to throw in the towel but after 'seeing the light,' so to speak, it finally hit them.

They made the changes necessary, took the steps they were directed to take, followed through down to the nitty gritty detail, and are now achieving tremendous success.

Do as they do, and you'll be on the path to success and wealth. Remember, Forex trading is a business. If you treat it as such, you'll be further along than 95% of the traders that never make it.

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