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Why China Should Not Dump the Dollar

by: Forex Blog

In fact, China may have to increase its exposure to the dollar, according to the comments of Brad Setser of the Council of Foreign Relations: "In my mind, so long as China resists more rapid appreciation of the renminbi versus the dollar, it's rather difficult for China to diversify in any meaningful way against the dollar. If China really started to diversify away from the dollar, I think it's a big enough player that it would put downward additional pressure on the dollar."

And additional downard pressure on the USD should be what China is trying to avoid. China, being the largest exporter to the U.S. does not want to see appreciation of its currency against the USD, as that would make its goods more expensive (and therefore less competitive) in America.

In fact, Setser goes on to say that in order to prevent the USD from sliding even further downward against the RMB, China would have to not only retain its present stock of USD, but in fact buy even more.

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